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My chest seems so cold and empty without you on it.

You've been my best friend, my little sister, the warm and cuddly thing it was worth coming home to. You were the one that filled that empty place in my heart and in my house. You made 11 years of my life special being the most amazing companion I could have hoped for.

It feels like the emptyness is never gonna go away, but all the love and happiness you gave me are worth all this time.

I miss you, my baby. Wait for me wherever you are, one day I'll come looking for you and I'll play with your nervous tail again.

April 2016


A little about me:

I love MCR, P!ATD, FOB, CS, Empires, TAI, The Cab and more or less all the possible slash combinations of the musicians in those bands. I'm a TV shows addicted and proud of it, almost as much as I am a Tumblr addicted. I could really spend hours on that site, reblogging or just laughing. I have an insane love for my cat, and an amazing girlfriend. And now if you want to know more look at your right and read my entries, all this is just because I needed to write something in the custom box :P