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So, let's talk about the season premieres I saw in the last few days.
Obviously to do so I have to put it all under a cut ;)

It's almost useless to say that the one I was waiting the most was Hawaii 5-0. No, not just because Alex+Prison=Sex, just because I LOVE that serie.
And ok, maybe after I waited it for months I expected incredible things, but to be honest that first episode was really "meeeeh".
I didn't like Steve evasion, not at all. First because the fact that Victor helped him didn't make sense (really? I save him the bad guy gets killed I'm safe?) and the whole "i hurt him in a non-vital place"..please! I had surgery, I hadn't been stabbed, and I can assure you that the moment something sharp will pass through your abdominal muscles you WON'T jump and won't run and esentially you'll lie still suffering. Yes, even if you're a SEAL.
And then...that semi-ANGST with Chin, where just a few hint of it were dropped by Danny...Kono sent totally alone against the most evil evil men of all times... and Lock! He comes, two minutes and everything is solved! (thanks to a magical camera that after years is still perfectly recording...). Not to tell that all it took for the team to be back was for the vice governor to say "oh, ok, you're all reintegrated with full powers". Laws and burocracy? What's them?
Not that H5-0 was great with realism, but that episode just seemed a little too "fantastic" even for them.
And OMG, they found out Rachel baby is Stan's! Come on! They could have found a million better ways to make Danny suffer!
About Jenna...well, at least it means sooner or later we'll get rid of her -.-
So ok, glad they're back, but I didn't like this episode a bit.

Other episode I didn't like was Nikita: booooring! I don't exactly know why, but I found difficult to stay awake 'till the end.
My hate for Alex is still going strong, she was useless last season, she's even more so this one. Michael is sexy but this "running couple" thing, holding hands and kissing to cheer each other up is boring! I loved the angst, the action...all we had now were him telling "we'll destroy division" and her answering "I want a home with a white fence. It's all my fault". Please, make them stop!
And Birkoff WTF?? I take it you're a super genius a hundred times better than the new idiots you left in there, but a huge villa and drones and all aren't sort of..dangerous? You know, in the era of satellitar photos and all..
And Percy in the glass box seems like they're begging him to escape. Amanda is so dead.

What I liked, and it was totally unexpected, because 7 seasons are a bit too much, was Supernatural. I wasn't hoping in it, S6 wasn't so good IMO, instead I liked it a lot!
I liked Dean, reacting the same he did when he lost John, because to lose Cass and Sam is too much for him. I liked Sam, trying to hold on, lying to his brother (well, not that he had ever not-lied in 6 seasons, lol). And Castiel...probably the reason I liked this pilot was just him, or well, Misha. Come on, he *is* god! A god at least. And yes, I cried a lot at the Dean/Castiel scene, and not because of the slash. And that new Leviel (yep, I gave to this version of Misha my own name, problems? :P) is going to be soooo good!

And last, but just because it's the one I liked the most: Criminal Minds. It was one of the best episodes and a great season premiere. I can't even start on why or who I liked more, because it was just perfect in its structure and characters. Morgan...I'm starting to think I want to cuddle him for a month or two (and then fuck him against a wall). Reid was more amazing than ever, he even turned badass! Hotch..sorry, I don't have a real comment on him, I was too busry drooling on the beard. I even liked Rossi, that I usually ignore. And my two girls are back!! You have no idea how much I miss them (ok, actually I could live without Emily, but I can't live without JJ). I really can't wait for next episode, and lately it isn't something I tell often.

About other series..I think I'll stop watching Lost Girl because this season is seriously too boring, and since I hate Lauren and I already know she'll end up with her there's no a real reason to go on. Except for Kenzi, but I'll survive.
And I tried the pilot of Person of Interest but it was the most boring thing I've seen in the last few months. The only good thing was Michael Emerson (Ben in LOST) saying "I have a list".

I think I'm done with my rant. I still have to see Fringe and Castle but maybe tomorrow.
And sorry for all the typos and mistakes, my elbow is killing me because of the doctor this morning and I'm too sleepy to care.
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