Sep. 18th, 2011

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So, the vet informed us there's no way to save my cat. She's in a really bad shape, we'd expect her to be done in 48 hours maximum. At the moment we decided against euthanasy because she's awake and knows everything that happens around her, but obviously if she should sleep into a coma or start to suffer we'll have to put her down.

I probably have a milion things about what an amazing cat she's been to me, but at that point is like they're tearing apart my chest with a pair of pliers, piece by piece. That cat lived in my lap, spent her nights on my pillow...I can't even immagine how it'll be to live without her. She's one of the creature I love most in this world, she's the one who spent night and day nursing me when I was ill...I really can't think of losing her. And maybe someone is thinking "come on, she's just a cat", but to me she's my baby sister.

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