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I know I'm probably too kind and naive and stuff, but I never read so much shit thrown at someone as today at Pedicone. My flist, my dashboard, even half my twitter, is full of hate for that man...So I decided to make a post.

I don't know him, I saw him on stage once, never met him and the few things I know are from fic. Honestly I couldn't care less about someone, and I'm not gonna say "he seemed nice" or such. He seems nothing to me, he's just another face on a stage that will feed us whatever he (and the band) thinks the pubblic want to hear.

Still, I'm really confused about what happened. They say he was stealing from them (from what I readed around he was taking money maybe?) and he never denied it, just said, on his twitter, probably after an ammount of hate messages I don't even want to imagine, that it was because of a whole other situation deeper than that. And at that point I cannot think that either a) he's the biggest idiot EVER or b) he really is in a bad situation. I don't condone stealing, and to fuck friends like that is even worse, but think about it: the chances of not being caught were really slim, if it really was money I don't think a lot of people on tour know where they keep their stash of money and how to have access to it. He had to know that the moment he was caught the thing would have been gone publicy in a blink. Now: he is a drummer, has been for a long time, it isn't an easy or reserved world and being caught stealing isn't exactly something that will make him have another employement soon. Would you take in your band someone who just stabbed his previous co-workers and friends in the back? I wouldn't. And even the part in which everyone hates you, in which a few million fans point at you as if you're the biggest scum bag *ever*, even if you don't care about them at all, shouldn't be exactly easy.

That's why I don't really feel like participate in this hate fest that's going on, because I have a doubt that he did it because somehow he was forced to. No, I'm not saying he's right in any way, just that we don't know what pushed him into doing something so stupid. Sure, if he really needed money because he's in a bad situation there was the old and easy method of: ask your friends for a hand, but we all know that pride, especially for men, is a tricky thing.

Even the fact that the band won't press charges makes me think. If someone I trust betrays me just for the sake of money I'd press a lot of charges, damn, I'd make his life a living hell, and MCR surely aren't naive saints. If I'd know he did something really bad and stupid and he betrayed me but for a "reason"...well, he'd be out of my life in a blink, but I wouldn't try and make things worse for him.

Maybe I really am too good for my own sake, but still... and to be honest I'm SO CURIOUS!
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