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I know I'm probably too kind and naive and stuff, but I never read so much shit thrown at someone as today at Pedicone. My flist, my dashboard, even half my twitter, is full of hate for that man...So I decided to make a post.

I don't know him, I saw him on stage once, never met him and the few things I know are from fic. Honestly I couldn't care less about someone, and I'm not gonna say "he seemed nice" or such. He seems nothing to me, he's just another face on a stage that will feed us whatever he (and the band) thinks the pubblic want to hear.

Still, I'm really confused about what happened. They say he was stealing from them (from what I readed around he was taking money maybe?) and he never denied it, just said, on his twitter, probably after an ammount of hate messages I don't even want to imagine, that it was because of a whole other situation deeper than that. And at that point I cannot think that either a) he's the biggest idiot EVER or b) he really is in a bad situation. I don't condone stealing, and to fuck friends like that is even worse, but think about it: the chances of not being caught were really slim, if it really was money I don't think a lot of people on tour know where they keep their stash of money and how to have access to it. He had to know that the moment he was caught the thing would have been gone publicy in a blink. Now: he is a drummer, has been for a long time, it isn't an easy or reserved world and being caught stealing isn't exactly something that will make him have another employement soon. Would you take in your band someone who just stabbed his previous co-workers and friends in the back? I wouldn't. And even the part in which everyone hates you, in which a few million fans point at you as if you're the biggest scum bag *ever*, even if you don't care about them at all, shouldn't be exactly easy.

That's why I don't really feel like participate in this hate fest that's going on, because I have a doubt that he did it because somehow he was forced to. No, I'm not saying he's right in any way, just that we don't know what pushed him into doing something so stupid. Sure, if he really needed money because he's in a bad situation there was the old and easy method of: ask your friends for a hand, but we all know that pride, especially for men, is a tricky thing.

Even the fact that the band won't press charges makes me think. If someone I trust betrays me just for the sake of money I'd press a lot of charges, damn, I'd make his life a living hell, and MCR surely aren't naive saints. If I'd know he did something really bad and stupid and he betrayed me but for a "reason"...well, he'd be out of my life in a blink, but I wouldn't try and make things worse for him.

Maybe I really am too good for my own sake, but still... and to be honest I'm SO CURIOUS!
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Title Hide Your Eyes, We’re Gonna Shine Tonight
Author [personal profile] chainer_morgana
Beta thanks to [ profile] katiexrawr who dealt whit all my mistakes and to [personal profile] raffie who always supports me and gives me advices

Pairing Frank/Mikey/Gerard
Rating NC17
Warnings Rough sex, kink, incest, slightly bdsm, facials, threesome.
Words 1400 more or less

Summary Gerard deliberately teased, Frank and Mikey noticed it.

Disclaimer They’re not mine, I know nothing about them and yet I’m pretty sure that never happened. (That Gerard is a teaser is the truth, instead :P)
Notes Inspired by the NME photo shoot video (here) in which Gerard is…a teaser ;)
Title from Party Poison, because I’m original like that and the CD booklet is too near me when I search for a title :P

Hide Your Eyes, We’re Gonna Shine Tonight )
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Title Engage the Energy
Author [personal profile] chainer_morgana
Beta the wonderful [ profile] katiexrawr, thank you very much for helping me with that! (and blame me for any mistake you can still find ;))
Pairing Mikey/Frank
Rating NC17
Warning Bondage, toys, BDSM, breath play, orgasm denial.
Words 849 (Word says :P)
Note That’s a text message(s) fic. I know, you’re probably thinking “what?”. But it was around 3am, I was bored, my girlfriend, [personal profile] raffie, was working and I was blocked in bed post-surgery, so I took my phone and started texting her. At the end we had 21 text messages and this fic. I copied and adjusted it a little, but I decided to keep the short sentences and paragraphs.
Oh, it’s also one of my first English fic, so be gentle ;)
Ah, and title probably doesn’t fit, but I was listening to Planetary, Gee sang this sentence and it became my title XD

Dedicate to [personal profile] raffie, my sweet, sick, kinky, perv, girlfriend ;) I couldn't plot such things without you, my love.

Engage the Energy )
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Since I'm so bored have a little picspam...the most random picspam EVER, lol. They're just pics I saved or moved in the past days and I randomly captions, no comments..just a plain, longish, messy, random picspam.

Almost 200 pics, so not dial up friendly ;) Almost-Worksafe (slash hints and a few male chestes and a lesbian kiss). No Copyright infringement intended, please let me know if some of these pics are yours, I'd love to credit but I used totally random photos from my folders, so ;)

kittens, puppies and random cuteness )

Old PATD, new P!ATD, The Young Veins )

My Chemical Romance )

Random FBR -FOB,Cobra,TAI,The Cab )

Men from tv series )

Even more random - landscapes, food, whatever )
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Titolo Scherzi
Pairing Brian/Bob/Frank [Si, è una pwp threesome ;)]
Rating NC17
Warnings Power play, threesome, orgasm control
Summary So di aver esagerato e mi sento anche un po' in colpa, non mi piace quando Mikey viene tirato in mezzo, ma la sola espressione sulla loro faccia mi fa sentire fiero di me stesso. Quello e la voglia di vederli incazzare mi tirano fuori il sorrisino irritante che so di aver stampato in faccia in questo momento
Parole 4.858
Beta [personal profile] babyara, grazie mille tesoro per averla letta, betata e conservata e poi per avermela rispedita minacciandomi ;)
Note Questa fic è stata scritta il 10 agosto 2008, quindi quasi un anno fa, e per tutto il tempo è rimasta sola e abbandonata nel mio hard disk, quasi totalmente dimentica. Non mi piace particolarmente il risultato, soprattutto non leggendola un anno dopo, ma Baby e Raf mi hanno convinto fosse ora di toglierla dalla gabbia del mio computer e quindi...

So di aver esagerato e mi sento anche un po' in colpa, non mi piace quando Mikey viene tirato in mezzo, ma la sola espressione sulla loro faccia mi fa sentire fiero di me stesso. Quello e la voglia di vederli incazzare mi tirano fuori il sorrisino irritante che so di aver stampato in faccia in questo momento )
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Quick post, longer one will come soon (as soon as the other two girls and I will have time to sit down and write a proper report)

.::. Cobra Starship. Yeah, that's just their name and I think that alone should be enough to express how amazing and great and perfect they are. If there's been a show in my life worth a flight, 16 hours of sleep in 5 days, a fever, and hours and hours traveling that's it. The show...well, it's probably the second best show of all my life (and just because the best show ever will always be 30STM @ Brixton Academy ;)). Really short set but so much energy *___*. Gabe is a god, can't deny it and Ryland...Ryland is simply perfect, he should live on that stage, never come down, 'coz to keep the stage for ten minutes, totally alone, just talking? that means be a real showman. So so good!
To meet them was nothing less. Alex is too sweet to be true, lol. He dealed with my english and it's not something easy to do ;) he talked to us and took pics and was generally amazing, Vicky is simply gorgeous. Don't ask me about her, I don't remember, all I remember is I was pratically drooling. Litterary. Nate...Wow...who said he's a cute puppy? he's all but a cute puppy! He's sexy, he's manly and he's tall! LOL. And Ryland is hot. I liked Ryland before, you can't not love Ryland, but let's be honest, physically he isn't exactly hot stuff...well, by person he is!
No, I'm not forgetting Gabe, don't worry ;) That's a story for another post, one that will tell a lot of details with tons of squee, but he's the same I thought he was and at the same time a lot cuter. First night I hated him, really hated him, it was like being in front of Jared Leto with the only difference he's not Jared Leto so I forgive him even less...but the second night, with no groupies and fangirls around and a lot more sober he was a totally different person, gentle and sweet. He talked to us in three different languages, he laughed with us, signed stuff, took pics and kissed us. I really really loved him, more than I though I would have.
Ok, that's all about the show for now, I promise I'll pressure the others (and myself) so we'll have the report ready ASAP...there are a lot of things you really need to know, trust me.

.::. Aww, Baby!Way is born!! :D:D:D:D Yep, I'm a looser enough to be so happy 'coz a musician had his first baby ;) but she's *GERARD WAY*'s first daughter! Now the only question is: does he really hate her? 'coz I'm sure that to name a *girl* 'Bandit Lee' you have to really hate her. It doesn't matter if she's Gerard child, she's not gonna survive school with that name.
Is it bad to say that I want pics? No, better, I want pics of uncle Mikey holding her, then I can die happy *__*

.::. I'm not so much into Kill Hannah lately, but to hear that Jonny is leaving...that hurts! lol. I can't say I didn't expect it, 'coz I know he was going to leave from the moment he decided not to come to Europe, but to see it 'officially' it's a lot worse. Almost as terrible as [profile] lilithlotr's video. It made me cry so hard, litterary. To see that farewell on stage, the hug he gave Dan, the way he pointed to Tom like to say 'it's him now, it's no longer me with KH'....yes, I cried, maybe I'm a little too emo these days, but I'm sure it was impossible not to.
BTW, I'm really glad he's happy with his life and project, and that he's ok with the others guys :)

.::. The Cab...WTF???? I really didn't expect for Ian to leave the band, not at all. I mean, he always looked like the one who fitted less, the outcast (and even if it's bad to tell...a lot more good than the cab music), but I didn't expect for him to leave like that anyway. I like him and I'll keep liking him whatever he'll do. What I didn't like too much has been his myspace post. Singer and Cash were nothing but really sweet with him, with the posts they made to announce he's leaving, Ian, instead, didn't spend a good word on his former bandmates and he even underlined that things aren't exactly like Alex said, that he doesn't have a problem with radio music but just with their music. I guess he didn't write it in a bad way but I didn't like it anyway. Hope they're still friends and ok with each other though ;)
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My mum can't stand my music, she listens to my playlist for about ten minutes and then begs me to 'put on something that's actually *music* and not noises, please!'. [Oh, I have to specify that my mum sings, right now as semi-professional, in a choir. Classic music. They even have a CD out, lol]
I tried with 30STM for years, even her best friend loves 30STM, with no success, I tried with MCR and I won't repeat what she told about them but I promise Bob would have cried hearing ;), Panic are another no, the answer to Cobra has been 'one more minute of that and I'll cut off my ears', she tollerates FOB for a few more minutes but I guess it's out of love for Patrick, she thinks he's ugly but cute and with a pretty voice. The list goes on and on. I listen to a band, I propose it to her, she destroys it.

Half an hour ago she asked me to upload some songs on her mp3 player, I obviously started with things I know she likes, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Beatles, some italian music..then I decided to put on some John Barrowman, she likes him, a lot (well, I guess it's impossible not to love him ;)) and while I was throwing a little Butch Walker in the mix, just to see what she'll tell me when she'll hear, she come here and almost shyly asked me if I could upload 'something from the cute guy...yeah, you know, the one who sings alone in the street, the hot stuff'. I watched her like she was an alien...'Who???' 'yeah, the one you showed me, the only one who can actually sing! You don't listen to him a lot but he's the only one to be good'...I thought...and thought...and then realized 'Mom, are you talking about William Beckett? About him? *points to the half-naked pic*' 'Yeah, yeah, this one! He's good and hot! The guys you like are never hot, but this one...I'd take this one home, can I have one?' *headdesk*

So, ladies and gentleman, my mum officially likes William Beckett and it seems she has a crush on mum! it's my mum, she can't drool over one of my pretty boys! LOL.

Oh, she also said it's a total waste to slash him with Gabe, she said he's a lot hotter than Gabe. I told her that usually in fics Will has pratically everyone, our beloved slutty William. She replied that she can see why, that everyone should have a chance to fuck that pretty boy. My mum!!!! LOOL.
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Titolo Just me

Pairing Brian/Mikey (MCR)

Rating R per i temi, niente sesso.

Summary “Credo che tra noi sia finita” la voce uscì sicura, più ferma di quanto immaginasse. Mikey lo fissò ancora un momento prima di spostare lo sguardo.

Word count 1607

Disclaimer Nulla di tutto ciò è accaduto. Non so nulla delle cause che hanno portato Brian e i MCR a prendere strade diverse e nessuna delle cause di cui parlo qui, che hanno portato il cambiamento di Mikey (da adorabile piccolo Mikey da coccolare a vampiro sexy da farsi contro un muro) è vera. è tutta finzione, dalla prima all'ultima parola ;)

Note L'altra notte soffrivo d'insonnia e il mio morale era sotto le scarpe. Accanto a me c'era un blocknotes bianco: questo è il risultato.
Non c'è happy ending e probabilmente non ce ne sarà mai uno, non penso possa esserci. E' un pezzo triste e scritto per esserlo. Non è neppure stato betato, non mi andava di chiedere a qualcuno di farlo, ma l'ho rivisto copiandolo e se ci sono errori di cui non mi sono accorta sono certa potrete perdonarmi ;)

Just Me )
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ok, I could find a million reasons to make a biiiiig Mikey Way picspam, first of all 'coz I keep thinking he's the most gorgeous, sexiest, hottest man alive, but to be honest I'm making this post to dedicate it to [personal profile] babyara, just to show her how hot Mikey can be (and to bother her :P:P), and to be sure that in the end she'll have to admit that ;) and to [personal profile] raffie79 'coz it took a while but finally she loves Mikey ALMOST as much as me.
But this post is also dedicated to whoever loves the younger Way and thinks he's amazing and wonderful ;)

So, go ahead, that's the first part of my picspam ;)

187 pictures )

Comments make MikeyWay happy, hotlinking makes him cry :(:(
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Titolo My Essential
Fandom My Chemical Romance
Pairing Brian/Frank
Rating NC17
Beta [personal profile] babyara ♥ Grazie mille per la pazienza, per aver amato questa fic quando io ho deciso di buttarla e per aver spedito il file venti volte prima che Word si decidesse a leggerlo. Questa fic non esisterebbe senza di te ;)
Disclaimer Bugia Bugia Bugia!!
Parole 9.845
Note Questa fic è stata scritta un po' di mesi fa, il che significa che: 1) Non sapevo ancora che Brian non era più 'Brian-manager-salvavita-tuttofare-dei-MCR' [datemi ancora qualche mese e mi riprendo dal trauma, lol] 2) Che ho avuto tanto tempo per decidere che non mi piace e volevo ripudiarla, cancellarla e formattare il computer pur di non lasciarne traccia. Baby me lo ha impedito, quindi eccola ;)

Indice Fic QUI

fic )

April 2016


A little about me:

I love MCR, P!ATD, FOB, CS, Empires, TAI, The Cab and more or less all the possible slash combinations of the musicians in those bands. I'm a TV shows addicted and proud of it, almost as much as I am a Tumblr addicted. I could really spend hours on that site, reblogging or just laughing. I have an insane love for my cat, and an amazing girlfriend. And now if you want to know more look at your right and read my entries, all this is just because I needed to write something in the custom box :P