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Since cat is sleeping I've finally got around to watch the new The Cab video, "Bad".

Things I learnt:
  • It's really easy to take Alex's phone. I'll have to remember it next time my own will break :P
  • When the band is in reharsal he has sex with text messages instead than working (I'm not mean, I won't say that explain things because I love that boy, but...)
  • Suddenly he's an asshole and shows the girl's pic to his friends. Not nice Alex, not at all.
  • He's too cute and naive to know that when a girl says "can't" or "working" or doesn't call for more than a few hours you're done, bro. Give up your hopes, she won't open her legs anymore, it's like a giant "NO" sign over her head ;)
  • The best part is the frustration with which he covers his face when she sends him the pics. See, Alex, if you have sex texts sent to you while in your own house instead than while at work, you could actually jerk off instead than putting up that face of poor desperation.

Yep, I'm a little evil today. But to be honest I sorta like the video, it's totally different from what I expected from them. And I hadn't had money to buy the cd yet (and won't have for a while) but from what I heard on tumblr the songs seem better than the previous albums (luckily enough I don't think I have The Cab hardcore fans in my flist or I'd probably be dead just because of this sentence).

Oh, and totally unrelated: I missed Brian Schechter saying bad things about someone! Finally today he started again telling Gabe can't sing. Thank you, Brian, your acidity, worst than the one of an old maid with a ton of cats, always make my day :D :D

And about Bob: I love that man! His new twitter is starting to be one of my major entertainments ;)


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I liiiiiike him!! a lot! *drools*

Still...I'll miss Ian :(
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Quick post, longer one will come soon (as soon as the other two girls and I will have time to sit down and write a proper report)

.::. Cobra Starship. Yeah, that's just their name and I think that alone should be enough to express how amazing and great and perfect they are. If there's been a show in my life worth a flight, 16 hours of sleep in 5 days, a fever, and hours and hours traveling that's it. The show...well, it's probably the second best show of all my life (and just because the best show ever will always be 30STM @ Brixton Academy ;)). Really short set but so much energy *___*. Gabe is a god, can't deny it and Ryland...Ryland is simply perfect, he should live on that stage, never come down, 'coz to keep the stage for ten minutes, totally alone, just talking? that means be a real showman. So so good!
To meet them was nothing less. Alex is too sweet to be true, lol. He dealed with my english and it's not something easy to do ;) he talked to us and took pics and was generally amazing, Vicky is simply gorgeous. Don't ask me about her, I don't remember, all I remember is I was pratically drooling. Litterary. Nate...Wow...who said he's a cute puppy? he's all but a cute puppy! He's sexy, he's manly and he's tall! LOL. And Ryland is hot. I liked Ryland before, you can't not love Ryland, but let's be honest, physically he isn't exactly hot stuff...well, by person he is!
No, I'm not forgetting Gabe, don't worry ;) That's a story for another post, one that will tell a lot of details with tons of squee, but he's the same I thought he was and at the same time a lot cuter. First night I hated him, really hated him, it was like being in front of Jared Leto with the only difference he's not Jared Leto so I forgive him even less...but the second night, with no groupies and fangirls around and a lot more sober he was a totally different person, gentle and sweet. He talked to us in three different languages, he laughed with us, signed stuff, took pics and kissed us. I really really loved him, more than I though I would have.
Ok, that's all about the show for now, I promise I'll pressure the others (and myself) so we'll have the report ready ASAP...there are a lot of things you really need to know, trust me.

.::. Aww, Baby!Way is born!! :D:D:D:D Yep, I'm a looser enough to be so happy 'coz a musician had his first baby ;) but she's *GERARD WAY*'s first daughter! Now the only question is: does he really hate her? 'coz I'm sure that to name a *girl* 'Bandit Lee' you have to really hate her. It doesn't matter if she's Gerard child, she's not gonna survive school with that name.
Is it bad to say that I want pics? No, better, I want pics of uncle Mikey holding her, then I can die happy *__*

.::. I'm not so much into Kill Hannah lately, but to hear that Jonny is leaving...that hurts! lol. I can't say I didn't expect it, 'coz I know he was going to leave from the moment he decided not to come to Europe, but to see it 'officially' it's a lot worse. Almost as terrible as [profile] lilithlotr's video. It made me cry so hard, litterary. To see that farewell on stage, the hug he gave Dan, the way he pointed to Tom like to say 'it's him now, it's no longer me with KH'....yes, I cried, maybe I'm a little too emo these days, but I'm sure it was impossible not to.
BTW, I'm really glad he's happy with his life and project, and that he's ok with the others guys :)

.::. The Cab...WTF???? I really didn't expect for Ian to leave the band, not at all. I mean, he always looked like the one who fitted less, the outcast (and even if it's bad to tell...a lot more good than the cab music), but I didn't expect for him to leave like that anyway. I like him and I'll keep liking him whatever he'll do. What I didn't like too much has been his myspace post. Singer and Cash were nothing but really sweet with him, with the posts they made to announce he's leaving, Ian, instead, didn't spend a good word on his former bandmates and he even underlined that things aren't exactly like Alex said, that he doesn't have a problem with radio music but just with their music. I guess he didn't write it in a bad way but I didn't like it anyway. Hope they're still friends and ok with each other though ;)

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