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Since cat is sleeping I've finally got around to watch the new The Cab video, "Bad".

Things I learnt:
  • It's really easy to take Alex's phone. I'll have to remember it next time my own will break :P
  • When the band is in reharsal he has sex with text messages instead than working (I'm not mean, I won't say that explain things because I love that boy, but...)
  • Suddenly he's an asshole and shows the girl's pic to his friends. Not nice Alex, not at all.
  • He's too cute and naive to know that when a girl says "can't" or "working" or doesn't call for more than a few hours you're done, bro. Give up your hopes, she won't open her legs anymore, it's like a giant "NO" sign over her head ;)
  • The best part is the frustration with which he covers his face when she sends him the pics. See, Alex, if you have sex texts sent to you while in your own house instead than while at work, you could actually jerk off instead than putting up that face of poor desperation.

Yep, I'm a little evil today. But to be honest I sorta like the video, it's totally different from what I expected from them. And I hadn't had money to buy the cd yet (and won't have for a while) but from what I heard on tumblr the songs seem better than the previous albums (luckily enough I don't think I have The Cab hardcore fans in my flist or I'd probably be dead just because of this sentence).

Oh, and totally unrelated: I missed Brian Schechter saying bad things about someone! Finally today he started again telling Gabe can't sing. Thank you, Brian, your acidity, worst than the one of an old maid with a ton of cats, always make my day :D :D

And about Bob: I love that man! His new twitter is starting to be one of my major entertainments ;)


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still typing one handed so please bear with all my mistakes ;)(and wet hairs are dripping on my keyboard but I'm too lazy to dry them :P)

First of all: P!ATD and Patrick tour. It's not a secret Iwasn't so happy with 'Trick's songs lately, but damn, I'd really want to see them. I think both Urie and Stump have two of the greatest voices around, so musically it must be an AMAZING tour.

And obviously I can't ignore the slash part ;) Brendon/Patrick begs for fics, and where there's Brendon it usually turns into GSF pretty soon lately ;) so we have P!ATD GSF/Patrick but then Pete would get jealous because HIS Trick and HIS P!ATD! so he'd feel left out but they love Pete and it'll turn into P!ATD/Patrick/Jealous!Pete. Yep, ficsfor this tour should be epic ;)

embedding of the ustream chat because Brendon and Patrick chats are made of win )

About real life...well, my cat is slightly better, at least she eats by herself and that's the biggest relief, I hated to litterary shove things down her throat. It's still a long way before she'll be the cat I know, if that will happen at all, but a baby step is still a step afterall, right? ;)

My elbow is still hurting, but I couldn't go ask for a TAC today, I'll maybe go tomorrow if things will stay the same. It hurts when I move my fingers, so it's probably a tendon, but we'll see. I'm not even worried. if it's something small it will pass, if it's something bigger I'll use the insurance money to buy a new computer. Yeah, I'm cinical, I know, but my elbow hurts anyway, so let's just enjoy the money if it's in a bad shape, lol.

I want to write, I have a few fics that are BEGGING me to be written, today its the bandom steampunk AU that's especially begging, but since it's 24 minutes since I started this post you can see why I phically can't type down a fic, lol. And I really want to finish my Panic! GSF, I can't wait to take Ian's "gay virginity" mwahahha.

The ok hand is starting to hurt 'coz of the keyboard, so I guess for today that's all. tomorrow I'll post about Lost Girl ;)

Oh, and to you on lj... don't worry, I x-post from DW, but I still daily read my lj flist ;) (I even re-newed my paid account!)
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I don't use DW so much, and I don't have so many P!ATD fans in my reading list, but since I'm utterly satisfied of how the videos came out, and of my new camera, I decided to post them here too :)

They are taken in Cesena, Italy.

I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Nearly WItches


Spencer and Ian during Nine in the Afternoon

I have a bunch more to upload, but today I'm too lazy to do it, lol.

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