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Since for the first time I'm really using this thing I finally tagged all the posts \o/ Funny thing is, half of them were really old post about people that aren't even in the music world anymore, lol.

The tag I like the most? "real life: broken bones". Yeah, if you know me you know it will be used a few times a year at least, so it seemed like a really fun one to create ;)

Now I just need to post links to my fics, but I'm too tired at the moment, so maybe later.

I need advice: I have another account that is a backup of my lj, so, after I already imported all the entries a few months ago, can I now re-import things to back up the new entries that I made or it will duplicate everything else? Please, if you can help me with that I'd be really gratefull and send you tons of virtual cookies ;)
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Since I'm so bored have a little picspam...the most random picspam EVER, lol. They're just pics I saved or moved in the past days and I randomly captions, no comments..just a plain, longish, messy, random picspam.

Almost 200 pics, so not dial up friendly ;) Almost-Worksafe (slash hints and a few male chestes and a lesbian kiss). No Copyright infringement intended, please let me know if some of these pics are yours, I'd love to credit but I used totally random photos from my folders, so ;)

kittens, puppies and random cuteness )

Old PATD, new P!ATD, The Young Veins )

My Chemical Romance )

Random FBR -FOB,Cobra,TAI,The Cab )

Men from tv series )

Even more random - landscapes, food, whatever )
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I liiiiiike him!! a lot! *drools*

Still...I'll miss Ian :(

April 2016


A little about me:

I love MCR, P!ATD, FOB, CS, Empires, TAI, The Cab and more or less all the possible slash combinations of the musicians in those bands. I'm a TV shows addicted and proud of it, almost as much as I am a Tumblr addicted. I could really spend hours on that site, reblogging or just laughing. I have an insane love for my cat, and an amazing girlfriend. And now if you want to know more look at your right and read my entries, all this is just because I needed to write something in the custom box :P