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Since for the first time I'm really using this thing I finally tagged all the posts \o/ Funny thing is, half of them were really old post about people that aren't even in the music world anymore, lol.

The tag I like the most? "real life: broken bones". Yeah, if you know me you know it will be used a few times a year at least, so it seemed like a really fun one to create ;)

Now I just need to post links to my fics, but I'm too tired at the moment, so maybe later.

I need advice: I have another account that is a backup of my lj, so, after I already imported all the entries a few months ago, can I now re-import things to back up the new entries that I made or it will duplicate everything else? Please, if you can help me with that I'd be really gratefull and send you tons of virtual cookies ;)
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still typing one handed so please bear with all my mistakes ;)(and wet hairs are dripping on my keyboard but I'm too lazy to dry them :P)

First of all: P!ATD and Patrick tour. It's not a secret Iwasn't so happy with 'Trick's songs lately, but damn, I'd really want to see them. I think both Urie and Stump have two of the greatest voices around, so musically it must be an AMAZING tour.

And obviously I can't ignore the slash part ;) Brendon/Patrick begs for fics, and where there's Brendon it usually turns into GSF pretty soon lately ;) so we have P!ATD GSF/Patrick but then Pete would get jealous because HIS Trick and HIS P!ATD! so he'd feel left out but they love Pete and it'll turn into P!ATD/Patrick/Jealous!Pete. Yep, ficsfor this tour should be epic ;)

embedding of the ustream chat because Brendon and Patrick chats are made of win )

About real life...well, my cat is slightly better, at least she eats by herself and that's the biggest relief, I hated to litterary shove things down her throat. It's still a long way before she'll be the cat I know, if that will happen at all, but a baby step is still a step afterall, right? ;)

My elbow is still hurting, but I couldn't go ask for a TAC today, I'll maybe go tomorrow if things will stay the same. It hurts when I move my fingers, so it's probably a tendon, but we'll see. I'm not even worried. if it's something small it will pass, if it's something bigger I'll use the insurance money to buy a new computer. Yeah, I'm cinical, I know, but my elbow hurts anyway, so let's just enjoy the money if it's in a bad shape, lol.

I want to write, I have a few fics that are BEGGING me to be written, today its the bandom steampunk AU that's especially begging, but since it's 24 minutes since I started this post you can see why I phically can't type down a fic, lol. And I really want to finish my Panic! GSF, I can't wait to take Ian's "gay virginity" mwahahha.

The ok hand is starting to hurt 'coz of the keyboard, so I guess for today that's all. tomorrow I'll post about Lost Girl ;)

Oh, and to you on lj... don't worry, I x-post from DW, but I still daily read my lj flist ;) (I even re-newed my paid account!)


Sep. 6th, 2011 03:03 pm
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thank you for all the nice comments and messages! Sadly at the moment I can only collectively than you because I'm totally unable to type one handed and I'm slower than a dead hamster :P I'll answer your comments soon (I hope :P).
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You can officially laugh at me... if you know me for a few months now you probably know I'm really good at hurting myself. No, not in the self-harm sense, but meaning: I'll fell and broke something in the most stupid way.


my chair overturned and I fell on my elbow. the bone isn't broken (but we still can't rule out micro-fractures), but I've to spend 5 days like this, with a really tight bandage and then we'll see if I damaged something.

Obviusly it's the same week that cat needs I.V. and meds.

I so hate to be totally useless. I mean, I broke my thumb less than three months ago!!

But you can laugh at ne anyway, I'm defitely laughing, lol

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