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Since I follow a lot of fandoms, I watch tons of tv shows, old and new, and I'm into bandom, I decided to make a list for all the new (and old) followers that want to know about my interests. I'll try and keep it updated...

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I'm -sadly - back from London and the Panic! show, or, ok, I was back on saturday night, but I was too tired and busy to post.
It was a really good show, the O2 academy is a gorgeous venue, as I already knew, and the band was pretty energetic for their last UK date.
What I really didn't like was the crowd. No offense if you were there, but the crowd were..animals! My friends and I were at the barricade (they let us in after the M&G) and after 6 years of shows I can tell I never, ever, seen something like that. After the opening band we asked security to take us out because we couldn't breath and people behind us were pressing more and more. Some guy behind my friend keep litterary punching, she's really really small, like 1,60m top, and he was around 2 he just was an asshole. After was a lot of people asked out. I think I'll have bruises for days to no end. And I'd like to underline that I've been in bad crowds, I've been in a ton of first row, and I've been beaten black and blue often, but never before to the point of asking to be taken out. Even the security was pretty worried, and Brendon had to stop and ask the crowd to take a big step back because they were "killing the firsts rows!"
So, after we got out we found a nice spot near the sound-thingy and since, as I said, Brixton is such a good venue, we had great sight on the stage. We enjoyed the show far more than being beaten at the barricade ;)

I still have a bunch of photos that needs to be adjusted on photoshop, and some videos that are waiting to be uploaded on youtube, but in the meantime here are the best pics I took. SAdly no photos of Ian came out decently :( But I'm pretty happy with Spencer's :D

Obviously, don't steal, don't take off the tag and don't repost without letting me know, thank you!

Panic! at the Disco @ O2 academy Brixton, London )

Hope you enjoyed. More pics and videos coming soon :)
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Supernatural never was an happy serie, I don't recall more than one, maybe two, episodes being happy. But 7x10 just broke my heart. It broke it and then jumped on the remaining pieces. I think it even pissed on them when it finished the jumping part.
I don't even know where to start talking about it, I just can't, it's just...NO! NO, NO and NO!

I think this just jumped in the top 5 of the terrible, I won't ever be able to watch it again, tv shows episodes. Doomsday part 2 is still at the top...but this one..this one maybe broke my heart a little more.

(see how good I am to cry without spoiling people on what happened? :P :P)

Amelia :)

Oct. 27th, 2011 09:41 pm
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Ladies and Getlemen I'm glad to introduce to you: Amelia!

She lives with us since last monday (eight days ago), and when we took her she was about 50 days old. She's the sweetest thing ever, she misses her mum a lot (not my fault, her mum abbandoned the litter when the kittens were a month old :\) so she falls asleep sucking on my arm or my sweater. She loves to be cuddled and to sit on my lap, or my shoulder and she never stops to purr. Her favourite hobbies are paper balls and my hand.
Oh, and she's totally black except for a really tiny spot on her belly, like half a penny, that the vet thinks will be black too once she'll grow up. I can't say I took her because of her color, even if I love black cats, but I'm glad I took her, because here in Italy black cats rarely find a home and usually..don't grow old, if you know what I mean.

Contrary on what I believed she didn't help me getting over the loss of my Mirit, actually it hurts a lot more with her around, but it's ok, even my pain, because I virtually saved Amelia's life taking her in, she was living in a cowshed and it's really cold outside, plus she's covered in bites and scratches from her bigger brothers, she was undernourished and dehydrated and scared to death of everything. I think saving that sweet poor thing is wortgh a little heartache ;)

a mini pic spam of my new baby )

Hope I don't really need to warn you that I'll probably spam you again with pics of Amelia soon enough ;)
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So, let's talk about the season premieres I saw in the last few days.
Obviously to do so I have to put it all under a cut ;)

finally it's autumn! )

I think I'm done with my rant. I still have to see Fringe and Castle but maybe tomorrow.
And sorry for all the typos and mistakes, my elbow is killing me because of the doctor this morning and I'm too sleepy to care.

Dark Angel

Sep. 23rd, 2011 03:18 am
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So, since insomnia is back (or not, but I won't sleep anyway, because sleep comes with dreams and I'm so not ok with them..), I'm re-watching, for like the fourth time, Dark Angel.

Logan/Max is still my OTP and all, what I don't get is why after all these years, after all the slash I'm into, even incest, in this serie I can't really slash anyone.

I can see that Logan/Alec is really easy as a pairing, I see all the slashy scenes, and yet there's something with a wrong vibe to it O.o

Maybe is just that there's Jessica and why waste something like that *__* Maybe is that there isn't a top and a bottom and I always need defined roles in my pairings. Or..well, I dunno.

In all that, for the first time, I'm allowing a few Max/Alec fics in my life. They're still not my OTP, but ehy, they don't need to be an OTP to fuck like bunnies, and Max...that convinced me I wanted to fuck a woman when I was 15 (actually when I was like 6 and watching "Flipper", lol) and Alec, with that kinky smirk...they'd be a terrible waste out of bed ;)

Yep, it's almost 4 am and I'm tired and babbling randomly about a tv show that's 10 years old...welcome into my mind. LOL
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My chest seems so cold and empty without you on it.

You've been my best friend, my little sister, the warm and cuddly thing it was worth coming home to. You were the one that filled that empty place in my heart and in my house. You made 11 years of my life special being the most amazing companion I could have hoped for.

It feels like the emptyness is never gonna go away, but all the love and happiness you gave me are worth all this time.

I miss you, my baby. Wait for me wherever you are, one day I'll come looking for you and I'll play with your nervous tail again.
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So, the vet informed us there's no way to save my cat. She's in a really bad shape, we'd expect her to be done in 48 hours maximum. At the moment we decided against euthanasy because she's awake and knows everything that happens around her, but obviously if she should sleep into a coma or start to suffer we'll have to put her down.

I probably have a milion things about what an amazing cat she's been to me, but at that point is like they're tearing apart my chest with a pair of pliers, piece by piece. That cat lived in my lap, spent her nights on my pillow...I can't even immagine how it'll be to live without her. She's one of the creature I love most in this world, she's the one who spent night and day nursing me when I was ill...I really can't think of losing her. And maybe someone is thinking "come on, she's just a cat", but to me she's my baby sister.
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YAY! new Dreamwidth layout!! Now I just need to work on my profile and to upload different icons, but this is not the day, because I have all the intentions of spending the next two hours watching "Dark Angel" and drooling on Jessica Alba and Michael Weatherly ;)
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Since for the first time I'm really using this thing I finally tagged all the posts \o/ Funny thing is, half of them were really old post about people that aren't even in the music world anymore, lol.

The tag I like the most? "real life: broken bones". Yeah, if you know me you know it will be used a few times a year at least, so it seemed like a really fun one to create ;)

Now I just need to post links to my fics, but I'm too tired at the moment, so maybe later.

I need advice: I have another account that is a backup of my lj, so, after I already imported all the entries a few months ago, can I now re-import things to back up the new entries that I made or it will duplicate everything else? Please, if you can help me with that I'd be really gratefull and send you tons of virtual cookies ;)
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Since cat is sleeping I've finally got around to watch the new The Cab video, "Bad".

Things I learnt:
  • It's really easy to take Alex's phone. I'll have to remember it next time my own will break :P
  • When the band is in reharsal he has sex with text messages instead than working (I'm not mean, I won't say that explain things because I love that boy, but...)
  • Suddenly he's an asshole and shows the girl's pic to his friends. Not nice Alex, not at all.
  • He's too cute and naive to know that when a girl says "can't" or "working" or doesn't call for more than a few hours you're done, bro. Give up your hopes, she won't open her legs anymore, it's like a giant "NO" sign over her head ;)
  • The best part is the frustration with which he covers his face when she sends him the pics. See, Alex, if you have sex texts sent to you while in your own house instead than while at work, you could actually jerk off instead than putting up that face of poor desperation.

Yep, I'm a little evil today. But to be honest I sorta like the video, it's totally different from what I expected from them. And I hadn't had money to buy the cd yet (and won't have for a while) but from what I heard on tumblr the songs seem better than the previous albums (luckily enough I don't think I have The Cab hardcore fans in my flist or I'd probably be dead just because of this sentence).

Oh, and totally unrelated: I missed Brian Schechter saying bad things about someone! Finally today he started again telling Gabe can't sing. Thank you, Brian, your acidity, worst than the one of an old maid with a ton of cats, always make my day :D :D

And about Bob: I love that man! His new twitter is starting to be one of my major entertainments ;)


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So, they found out my cat's lungs are full of water, maybe because of some problem with her heart, but we can't know for sure 'till Monday. She's really sick and she's not eating at all, but at the moment she seems to be responding to th provvisory treatment. Seem is the keyword, 'coz she could be a lot worse in a matter of minutes, she could totally stop breathing in a really short time. That's why I'm so terrified of being left alone with her. My parents need to go away for three or four hours, about one hour by car from there, and to say that I'm scared to death isn't enough. Damn, even her vet isn't in Genoa at the moment, so the idea of an emergency is really scary.

In the meantime my dad managed to piss the whole family, vet included, off.
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still typing one handed so please bear with all my mistakes ;)(and wet hairs are dripping on my keyboard but I'm too lazy to dry them :P)

First of all: P!ATD and Patrick tour. It's not a secret Iwasn't so happy with 'Trick's songs lately, but damn, I'd really want to see them. I think both Urie and Stump have two of the greatest voices around, so musically it must be an AMAZING tour.

And obviously I can't ignore the slash part ;) Brendon/Patrick begs for fics, and where there's Brendon it usually turns into GSF pretty soon lately ;) so we have P!ATD GSF/Patrick but then Pete would get jealous because HIS Trick and HIS P!ATD! so he'd feel left out but they love Pete and it'll turn into P!ATD/Patrick/Jealous!Pete. Yep, ficsfor this tour should be epic ;)

embedding of the ustream chat because Brendon and Patrick chats are made of win )

About real life...well, my cat is slightly better, at least she eats by herself and that's the biggest relief, I hated to litterary shove things down her throat. It's still a long way before she'll be the cat I know, if that will happen at all, but a baby step is still a step afterall, right? ;)

My elbow is still hurting, but I couldn't go ask for a TAC today, I'll maybe go tomorrow if things will stay the same. It hurts when I move my fingers, so it's probably a tendon, but we'll see. I'm not even worried. if it's something small it will pass, if it's something bigger I'll use the insurance money to buy a new computer. Yeah, I'm cinical, I know, but my elbow hurts anyway, so let's just enjoy the money if it's in a bad shape, lol.

I want to write, I have a few fics that are BEGGING me to be written, today its the bandom steampunk AU that's especially begging, but since it's 24 minutes since I started this post you can see why I phically can't type down a fic, lol. And I really want to finish my Panic! GSF, I can't wait to take Ian's "gay virginity" mwahahha.

The ok hand is starting to hurt 'coz of the keyboard, so I guess for today that's all. tomorrow I'll post about Lost Girl ;)

Oh, and to you on lj... don't worry, I x-post from DW, but I still daily read my lj flist ;) (I even re-newed my paid account!)


Sep. 6th, 2011 03:03 pm
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thank you for all the nice comments and messages! Sadly at the moment I can only collectively than you because I'm totally unable to type one handed and I'm slower than a dead hamster :P I'll answer your comments soon (I hope :P).
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You can officially laugh at me... if you know me for a few months now you probably know I'm really good at hurting myself. No, not in the self-harm sense, but meaning: I'll fell and broke something in the most stupid way.


my chair overturned and I fell on my elbow. the bone isn't broken (but we still can't rule out micro-fractures), but I've to spend 5 days like this, with a really tight bandage and then we'll see if I damaged something.

Obviusly it's the same week that cat needs I.V. and meds.

I so hate to be totally useless. I mean, I broke my thumb less than three months ago!!

But you can laugh at ne anyway, I'm defitely laughing, lol
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I know I'm probably too kind and naive and stuff, but I never read so much shit thrown at someone as today at Pedicone. My flist, my dashboard, even half my twitter, is full of hate for that man...So I decided to make a post.

I don't know him, I saw him on stage once, never met him and the few things I know are from fic. Honestly I couldn't care less about someone, and I'm not gonna say "he seemed nice" or such. He seems nothing to me, he's just another face on a stage that will feed us whatever he (and the band) thinks the pubblic want to hear.

Still, I'm really confused about what happened. They say he was stealing from them (from what I readed around he was taking money maybe?) and he never denied it, just said, on his twitter, probably after an ammount of hate messages I don't even want to imagine, that it was because of a whole other situation deeper than that. And at that point I cannot think that either a) he's the biggest idiot EVER or b) he really is in a bad situation. I don't condone stealing, and to fuck friends like that is even worse, but think about it: the chances of not being caught were really slim, if it really was money I don't think a lot of people on tour know where they keep their stash of money and how to have access to it. He had to know that the moment he was caught the thing would have been gone publicy in a blink. Now: he is a drummer, has been for a long time, it isn't an easy or reserved world and being caught stealing isn't exactly something that will make him have another employement soon. Would you take in your band someone who just stabbed his previous co-workers and friends in the back? I wouldn't. And even the part in which everyone hates you, in which a few million fans point at you as if you're the biggest scum bag *ever*, even if you don't care about them at all, shouldn't be exactly easy.

That's why I don't really feel like participate in this hate fest that's going on, because I have a doubt that he did it because somehow he was forced to. No, I'm not saying he's right in any way, just that we don't know what pushed him into doing something so stupid. Sure, if he really needed money because he's in a bad situation there was the old and easy method of: ask your friends for a hand, but we all know that pride, especially for men, is a tricky thing.

Even the fact that the band won't press charges makes me think. If someone I trust betrays me just for the sake of money I'd press a lot of charges, damn, I'd make his life a living hell, and MCR surely aren't naive saints. If I'd know he did something really bad and stupid and he betrayed me but for a "reason"...well, he'd be out of my life in a blink, but I wouldn't try and make things worse for him.

Maybe I really am too good for my own sake, but still... and to be honest I'm SO CURIOUS!
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I know I haven't been around a lot lately. But the ammount of things going wrong in RL seems to never stop growing, lol.

It came out auntie has TBC and that's nasty enough BUT it's even nastier because she actually caught it when she was 16, 71 years ago, but since the virus never really dies it woke up again now. She's coping with it and she's a little less ill, but it's still a long while before she'll be ok.

Obviously that mean that we should be safe but doctors told us it would be better if we all make the test just to be sure, expecially me since I still have low defenses and had respiratory problems in the past.

And we'd do it, if only we have the time! But no, because as if life isn't crazy enough at this point, my cat decided to fell ill too!

We are at the third visit and finally we found a vet we like, just to be said it could be kidney failure. We'll know for sure just after the blood tests, but we can't do it untill the 12th because the other vet is on vacation.

In the meantime I'm spending my nights sitting on the floor with my cat, and every time things seems ok and I finally try and catch some sleep she jumps on my face and starts meowing. I never slept more than 3 hours in the last 10 days and I'm pratically comatose.

Plus I have to cook and feed her fish. I hate fish, fish smells and I hate to touch it! Not a real problem, since she's my baby and I'm worried to death and I'd do more or less anything at the moment, but still.. and now I'm gonna buy baby food and try and feed it to her, to see if she decides its tasty enough to eat.

And just because, I went to the post office and had 87 persons ahead of me, but only one and half hour because of the vet, so when there were just 20 persons I had to leave! ARGH! Here it goes my free afternoon, another day at the post office -.- I hate that hell hole!

My rant is done for now, lol.
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I made another account to back up my lj...and wow, I think I'm a little in love with DW's all there, in a few minutes!! and this won't crash at least once a week!!! WOW
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I’m confused. In my region Fright Night won’t be in the theaters. It will be in every single city of Italy, even in churches’ theaters, but not in Liguria.

The only explanation we got was “the movie wasn’t selling how we wanted it to”…Uhm, I think that’s a little difficult to believe, since the fucking movie is out TODAY!

I’m so so so pissed! I’m ok with not being able to see a movie in theaters, it wouldn’t be the first time, but at least it usually is for a reason, not because a whole region decided not to show it out of the blue.
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I don't use DW so much, and I don't have so many P!ATD fans in my reading list, but since I'm utterly satisfied of how the videos came out, and of my new camera, I decided to post them here too :)

They are taken in Cesena, Italy.

I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Nearly WItches


Spencer and Ian during Nine in the Afternoon

I have a bunch more to upload, but today I'm too lazy to do it, lol.

April 2016


A little about me:

I love MCR, P!ATD, FOB, CS, Empires, TAI, The Cab and more or less all the possible slash combinations of the musicians in those bands. I'm a TV shows addicted and proud of it, almost as much as I am a Tumblr addicted. I could really spend hours on that site, reblogging or just laughing. I have an insane love for my cat, and an amazing girlfriend. And now if you want to know more look at your right and read my entries, all this is just because I needed to write something in the custom box :P